Role of the Healthcare Professional

Transitioning off the Intensive Level

Firstly prior to finishing the Intensive Level the patient should be reviewed and baseline measurements repeated. This will allow you and the patient to see and monitor the progress they have made.

After completing the Intensive Level of the OPTIFAST VLCD Program, the patient will need to progress onto the Active 2 Level where the re-introduction of food takes place by replacing one OPTIFAST VLCD product with a low calorie meal.

This ensures a gradual and controlled re-introduction to meals, and is designed to prevent abrupt retention of fluid and abdominal discomfort. Most people have managed this transition very well and will continue to still lose weight although it may be a bit slower than the Intensive Level.

As a guide the low calorie meal that is introduced during this level should equal 400 calories and can consist of 1 serve of grains (1 cup cooked pasta, 3/4 cup cooked rice, 1 medium potato or corn cob, or 1-2 slices of bread), 1 serve of protein (65-100g meat or chicken, 130g fish, 2 eggs or 150g tofu) and half a plate of low starch vegetables or salad. They can also include a tablespoon of dressing or sauce. By doing this the meal will be approximately less than or equal to 400 calories.

The website lists a range of different healthy low calorie recipes that can be incorporated into their meal plan once they have moved onto Level 2.