Calculating protein requirements

OPTIFAST VLCD is formulated to contain adequate high quality protein in sufficient quantities for nitrogen sparing and to preserve lean body mass.

Protein requirements for obesity/weight loss have been proposed at 0.75-1.0g/kg Adjusted Ideal Body Weight (Adj IBW) /day.

Consumption of 3 sachets or bars per day of OPTIFAST VLCD meets the protein requirements for obesity / weight loss for females.

For males and for individuals requiring a higher protein intake than 0.75g/kg Adj IBW per day, may need an additional OPTIFAST VLCD product or an additional serve of protein to meet protein requirements.

One serve of protein is equivalent to 65-100g meat, 2 eggs or 130g fish and is usually added to the evening vegetables.

It should be noted that for intakes greater than 3 sachets per day of OPTIFAST VLCD, calorie intake may increase higher than 800 calories.

  Protein (g/day) Energy (cal/day) Carbohydrate (g/day)
3 OPTIFAST VLCD per day 57.6-60 603-714 54.6-70.2
4 OPTIFAST VLCD per day 76.8-80 804-952 72.8-93.6
5 OPTIFAST VLCD per day 96-100 1005-1190 91-117
3 OPTIFAST VLCD per day plus 1 serve of protein 76.3-85 753-864 54.6-68.4
4 OPTIFAST VLCD per day plus 1 serve of protein 93.4-105 954-1102 72.8-91.2
~ 1 protein serve is equal to 65-100g meat, chicken containing approximately 25g protein and 150 calories