Creating Supportive Environments On Your Weight Loss Journey

Creating supportive environments to lose weight

Creating Supportive Environments to Help You Lose Weight

In order to stay on track to reach your goal, it’s important to create helpful and positive settings, and surround yourself with people that support you on your weight loss journey.


Creating a positive home environment

When you’re at home, here are a few things you can do to support your OPTIFAST diet plan and ensure your weight loss journey is as positive and plain-sailing as it can be.

Create a special space: Clear a spot on your countertop for your blender, shaker and OPTIFAST products. Keeping your supplies in a reliable spot that’s easy to access makes them easy to pick up when you need them, especially when you’re in a hurry.

Keep snack foods out of sight: Out of sight, out of mind. Either keep snack foods hidden away or even better, keep them out of the house. If you think you’ll be tempted to deviate from your plan, it’s best not to buy them in at all.

Enjoy fresh fruits and veggies: Keep a bowl of fruit in plain sight in your kitchen and a container of fresh cut-up veggies in your fridge, snacks you can grab easily when you want to eat something crunchy.

Limit eating to the kitchen: Keep all food in the kitchen and eat only at the kitchen or dining room tables. Eating while you’re watching TV or preoccupied with something else can lead to mindless overeating. When you’re not preparing your shakes or meals, spend time in other rooms where you won’t be tempted by the sight or smell of foods.

Keep food out of sight: Ask your family to keep food off the counters and tables, to serve themselves from the kitchen and put food away promptly after mealtimes.

Instead of eating, distract yourself: Going for a walk, talking to a friend, reading or book or playing a game can help distract you from thinking about food.


Weight loss support at work 

It’s also important to create a supportive environment for yourself at work, that makes you feel comfortable and at ease on your weight loss journey.

Plan ahead: The night before, decide what you’re taking to work for your meals and snacks. If you’re short on time in a morning, take an OPTIFAST shake or an OPTIFAST bar to have on the journey or once you get to work.

Prep and temperature considerations: 

  • If you prefer not to drink OPTIFAST shakes at room temperature, chill and then pour into a portable bottle
  • Keep extra shake mixes and OPTIFAST bars in your desk drawer or work bag for when you forget to bring your OPTIFAST meals to work. The bars will melt in hot weather so don’t keep them in your car
  • In warm weather, use a cooler bag to store your shakes

Conversations with co-workers: It’s completely up to you who you tell about your OPTIFAST diet plans. Some people are comfortable discussing it with all of their friends and co-workers, others prefer only to tell people very close to them. We recommend having at least one person to talk to, weight loss support is key in the success of your weight management.

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